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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome to Bunny Love Tours!

Welcome to Bunny Love Tours, your personal ambassador to California's Central Coast!

This scenic region of California is often forgotten by travelers, but its friendly inhabitants would love to see your smiling face as you experience all that we have to offer.

San Luis Obispo, a quaint and charming town of approximately 45,000 residents, is our recommended destination for the weary Silicon Valley worker looking for the perfect weekend getaway.

Possible itineraries include an early morning climb up Bishop's Peak, or a drive to neighboring Montana de Oro State Park. Then a bike ride through San Luis' extensive wine country, stopping at wineries along the pleasant journey across the greenest hills you've ever seen. Downtown San Luis Obispo offers numerous eateries, including fresh sushi at Tsurugi and heavenly submarine sandwiches at High Street Deli.

The late afternoon might be spent quietly sipping a latte at Linnaea's, San Luis Obispo's quaint independently-owned coffee shop.

Worried about lodgings? Don't be. Bunny Love Tours has a variety of accomodations for the single traveler, including a guest room at 45 Mariposa Drive's bed-and-breakfast, or one-half of a two-person tent which can be set up at any nearby location.

San Luis Obispo can be reached by car (approximately 3.5 hour drive from San Francisco), Amtrak's Starlight Express train departing from Oakland, or Greyhound bus.

Please contact Polly, Bunny Love's founder and number one travel agent, to book your vacation today!